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How to Overcome Job Search Frustration

By iHire | February 14, 2022

Looking for a job is difficult, even in today’s candidate-driven market created by the Great Resignation has created. Neil from Chicago shares his frustration with the WorkInSports Podcast:

"Brian, super straight-forward question this week – my job search has been really, really frustrating. I keep hearing about the opportunities that have come up due to the Great Resignation, but I'm not feeling that. I'm frustrated. Are others feeling this way? Help me feel normal and regain some confidence."

A great line from Star Trek also applies to a job search: "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not weakness. That is life." With that said, it’s still easy to doubt yourself during a long process because you might:

•    Not get the job without knowing why
•    Be ghosted by an employer and feel unimportant
•    Put immense pressure on yourself before an interview as bills pile up and your confidence falls

Neil is not alone in his frustration. Finding a job is time-consuming, and employers rarely make it easier. Nearly 40% of job seekers in our State of Online Recruiting survey cited shortening the time it takes to complete an application as something employers could “do better” to get them to apply for their online job postings.

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Job Search Tips to Get More Responses

Despite candidates communicating the need to modernize online applications, lengthy versions still exist. WorkInSports VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp suggests a less is more approach to mitigate this frustration. Instead of finding 10 jobs and blasting out applications as quickly as you can, narrow your search to the best fits and make sure your materials are polished to help you stand out. Use the iScore Resume Match tool on our website to see how well your skills fit with certain job openings. Simply upload your resume and receive a score along with suggestions on how to improve.

Following up on job applications is also an important step. While employer ghosting is a frequently cited problem for job candidates, communication is a two-way street. Cleveland Guardians' Director of Talent Acquisition (and previous WorkInSports Podcast guest) Mailynh Vu is one of many hiring managers who appreciates when candidates follow up and considers it confirmation that they’re genuinely interested in the job.

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