How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

By iHire | February 07, 2022

We’re a month into the 2022 calendar year, and we are seeing a trend with our listener questions on the WorkInSports Podcast. For the third time in the past four weeks, we’re dispensing job interview tips. That’s a good sign of where our audience is at in their job search -- they have applied the show’s sports career advice and are consistently getting deep into the process. This question comes from Colby in Phoenix:

“Hi Brian, I am interviewing like crazy lately! It has been awesome, and I’m excited about where this journey may lead me. I am so appreciative of the help you provide with interviewing advice. But something came up last week I was not prepared for, a virtual interview. Not a video interview with another person, but a virtual interview with me just talking on my screen. This was hard. I’m worried this will come up again. Any advice?”

How to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

This is a new method of interviewing compared to our recent episodes covering group interviews and the STAR interview method. Instead of hopping into a video conference room, this type of virtual interview consists of clicking on a link your prospective employer sends, following prompts on your screen, and recording a response within a set time limit (probably around 45 seconds) on your webcam. There is no face on the other end asking questions or driving the conversation. It’s just you and the computer screen.

The solo virtual interview can seem dehumanizing, but there is a reason that this process is becoming more common. NASCAR Chief People Officer John Ferguson explains that this format:

•    Removes bias from the hiring process with a consistent, uniform experience.
•    Scales easily to analyze candidates in an efficient manner.
•    Allows HR teams to pass recorded answers to the hiring manager quickly.

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So how do you prepare for an interview that is so impersonal? Here are a few virtual job interview tips:

•    Read the question thoroughly
•    Follow the instructions
•    Don’t rush to hit record
•    Practice eye contact
•    Have an engaging story ready to tell

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