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Forget the dentist, the car wash and the spring cleaning, there are only two things you should be focused on the next three weeks: March Madness and finding a job in college sports.

I've worked in pro sports and in minor league baseball - but there has always been this magnetic draw to college sports. There is something so pure about the experience, especially during March Madness where every team has a chance and they leave it all out on the floor with no promise of glory or paycheck. It's real.

Yesterday during Selection Sunday, I was cruising through some of our college sports jobs and was amazed by the opportunities on all skill levels:

• Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Promotions
• Athletic Development Internship
• Sports Information Director
• Assistant Ticket Manager
• Business Operations Assistant - Athletic Department
• Senior Director of Athletic Development

...and literally hundreds more. We've posted 31 jobs in college sports in just the last 3 days!

Since I'm feeling so inspired this week I want to make it really easy for you to find your dream job - sign up right here and get a premium membership to for just $5. It's that simple.

John Mellor

President & CEO,

P.S. Do me a favor – even if this deal isn’t what you need right now, it may be exactly what someone in your network needs. Go ahead and tweet out this offer – we’d appreciate it, and so will your friends!
By Brian Clapp | March 17, 2014
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