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Every week people ask me how to prepare for their upcoming sports job interview and I tell them: It all starts with research. Their follow up, without fail: "What research should I do?"

And that is the purpose of this Facebook LIVE session, to explain the necessary research everyone should do before they go on their next sports job interview. Listen in and learn a little something!

The idea behind doing research, the over-arching principle, is to feel like you understand the company before you go in the door. The more you can layer in your knowledge and your sense of preparation in the interview process, the more impressive you will be.

So let’s break down some actual research angles 

  1. How do they make money? 
  2. Know their clients
  3. Corporate structure
  4. In the News and BUZZ
  5. Company culture/work environment
  6. Competitors
  7. Company history
  8. Don't forget to research yourself

For more detail make sure to watch the video above. And trust me, if you understand these components of the company you plan to interview with, you are way ahead of the game. 

You are trying to differentiate yourself from the crowd, and the more you know you'll not only feel more confident, you'll also be ready to wow the interviewer with your knowledge, dedication, and interest in this opportunity.

Tune in LIVE every Thursday at 7:30 pm EST from the Work in Sports Facebook page to ask your sports career focused questions and hopefully learn a little something!

Thanks for checking this out, and I look forward to seeing you next Thursday with all of your great questions about the sports industry.

By Brian Clapp | April 05, 2019
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