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Lessons I’ve Learned in My Career: WorkInSports’ Brian Clapp

By iHire | December 20, 2021

As the WorkInSports Podcast closes 2021 looking back at the best career advice given this year, VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp looks back even further, thanks to this question from Tasha Getten:

“What are three things you do in your free time that you believe have helped advance you in your career?”

The three things Brian did during downtime early in his career that taught him how to work in sports were:

•    Reading: Brian read everything from newspapers and magazines, to sports autobiographies and business books in order to raise his knowledge of the industry and managing people.
•    Asking questions at work: This shows that you are engaging and curious in what you do.
•    Making time to have fun: It is important to enjoy yourself, interact with other people, and prevent burnout.

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As Brian’s career progressed, his best career advice included a few more tidbits:

•    Meditating: Meditation looks different for different people but taking quiet time to center yourself does wonders.
•    Connecting people: This is like a matchmaker game, but for professionals. It involves taking people within your network who don’t know each other and introducing them.
•    Giving back: The WorkInSports Podcast falls under this category, as well as speaking in college classrooms.

This sports career advice can assist you on your career path in the same way it helped Brian’s journey. Catch the full episode for more of Brian’s best career advice that impacted him, and be sure to subscribe to the WorkInSports Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Also, check out our YouTube channel for more content.

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