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Living the NFL Dream w/Los Angeles Chargers’ Chad Jessop

by: Chad Twaro
May 11, 2022

The last time football fans thought about equipment was probably when the New England Patriots got caught in the ‘Deflategate’ scandal for deflating footballs in their 2014 AFC Championship game victory over the Indianapolis Colts. The ensuing NFL investigation dogged the Patriots for the next two seasons, and the deflated football eventually cost the Patriots a first-round pick, a fourth-round pick, a $1 million fine, and a four-game suspension for Brady.

While ‘Deflategate’ put the Patriots’ equipment staff under a microscope the profession tends to avoid, this overlooked aspect of football is of utmost importance to an organization. An NFL team’s equipment staff has numerous responsibilities, such as inflating footballs (properly), repairing and ordering equipment for the full roster, storing and cleaning jerseys, and packing/setting up gear on road trips. Along with a roster of 53 players  and the coaching and support staff, equipment managers also need a ‘customer service’ mentality to satisfy the needs of many people within their organization.


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On today’s episode of the WorkInSports Podcast, VP of Content Brian Clapp chats with the Los Angeles Chargers’ Chad Jessop. Jessop is the Chargers’ Equipment Assistant and has spent 14 years handling football teams’ equipment and locker room needs. He and Clapp discuss:

•    How to become an equipment manager
•    Jessop’s rise from the high school ranks to a training camp gig with the Dallas Cowboys
•    The biggest challenges of working in his field
•    How important building relationships is in an NFL locker room environment

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