Looking Out for Student-Athletes w/Oakland University’s Ashley Stone

by: Chad Twaro
May 18, 2022

College sports have a push-pull dynamic as the teams compete in intense, high-level athletics representing institutions of higher learning. The demands on student-athletes are rigorous as they maintain a difficult conditioning regimen for peak fitness, practice multiple times a week, and finally compete against teams doing the same thing while also working through a full load of classes to earn their degree.

It takes a village to succeed in the face of these demands, which is why athletic departments invest in student-athlete support services. These services include:

•    Athletic trainers monitoring and treating student-athletes’ physical health
•    Mental health counselors keeping them in the best possible headspace
•    Academic advisors helping them manage their course loads
•    Strength and conditioning coaches maintaining their competition fitness while combatting the fatigue of their grueling schedules
•    Coaching staffs getting the best out of each student-athlete to put it all together


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On today’s episode of the WorkInSports Podcast, VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp chats with Ashley Stone, Oakland University Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Experience. Stone joined OU in 2019 and serves as the Golden Grizzlies’ Senior Woman Administrator. She oversees student service and sports performance areas such as academics, strength and conditioning, and athletic training to foster the development, health, and safety of Oakland’s 350+ student-athletes. Stone and Clapp discuss:

•    Why she chose student-athlete experience as her career path
•    What she learned about student-athletes’ struggles during her time as Nebraska’s Director of Development Events & Hospitality, Director of Post-Eligibility Programs, and Life Skills Coordinator
•    Why she moved on from her alma mater Nebraska to her current position at OU
•    The advice she has for women breaking into the sports industry

Listen to the full episode to hear Stone’s sports career advice and her experience supporting student-athletes. Subscribe to the WorkInSports Podcast for more tips on excelling in your sports career and catch additional content on our YouTube channel.

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