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Lots of Job Interviews, No Job Offers. What Do You Do Now?

By Brian Clapp | July 20, 2021

We’ve got a good question coming in to the Work In Sports podcast this week and I want to jump right on it, it speaks to the urgency of this moment, and it comes from Michelle in Boston.  

The Q:

“Hi Brian, huge fan of your podcast you have given me guidance and confidence as I traverse this super strange time in the sports industry. My question for you is simple, but I also hope profound enough to pique your interest. I have been getting a lot of job interviews, I had three last month for example, but I am not getting the job. I’m panicking a bit because every time I go on LinkedIn, I see another person landing their dream job and celebrating. It sems like everyone else is landing their dream opportunity and I’m still on the bench. What am I doing wrong and how do I step up my game?” 

The A:

Michelle, wonderful question and we’re going to dive in deep. 

Topics we discuss in this episode:

  • Why the interview process is the most important step of getting hiring
  • What does the interviewer know about you right now and how can you leverage that? 
  • What do they need to know about you?. 
  • What is the experience for the interviewer? Put yourself in their shoes. 
  • Executive summary – do you have stand out skills, traits, message? 
  • Pick two to three things you want to make sure you hammer home – leadership and technical skills – passion and organization – project management and attention to detail.  
  • How do you know which 2-3 special traits to focus on?  
  • Stay flexible – if the interviewing is leaning you in other directions be able to adjust. You keep talking about your leadership skills and they are throwing a vibe, that’s nice but we need someone strong in execution. PIVOT! 
  • Tell stories surrounding these traits 
  • Walk through your thought process, why you did the things you did, how you learned and progressed. Don’t just walk me through the X’s and O’s -- share your process, let me learn more about you! Get into your how and why! 

You want to be memorable and if you follow these steps you'll be on the right path. 

Listen in to the episode to learn more details and put these actions to work!

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