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Managing Sports Ownership w/Whitecap Sports’ Bob Malandro

By iHire | January 12, 2022

Every week, the WorkInSports Podcast brings on a guest in the sports industry to share their story, experience, and sports career advice. WorkInSports Podcast Host and VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp prides himself on representing many potential career paths in the field. On the podcast alone, Clapp has interviewed experts in 22 distinct industries under the sports umbrella, including marketing, content creation, data analytics, and sponsorships.

Another area available to aspiring sports professionals is finance. Money makes our world go, which is why financial experts are in demand across all industries. That’s where our guest, Bob Malandro, comes in.

Bob Malandro is the Founder and Managing Partner of Whitecap Sports Group, a sports mergers, acquisitions, and advisory firm based in Tampa, Florida. Whitecap Sports Group is primarily involved in sports team ownership transactions. For those wealthy owners with a lot of zeros at the end of their bank statements, Bob’s company vets investor opportunities to get either ownership stakes or outright ownership of sports franchises. With 25 years of experience, he understands how valuable financial knowledge is in sports  and has advised investors regarding ownership of MLB, NHL, and NBA franchises along with esports teams, minor league professional teams, and start-up sports leagues.

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Catch the full episode as Brian and Bob discuss:

•    How he advises investors interested in sports ownership
•    His target market
•    Where he sees the popularity of esports leading
•    The value of getting a finance background
•    How candidates stand out when applying to work for him

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