Samantha Wood: Philadelphia Eagles Director of Digital and Social Media

Samantha Wood Philadelphia Eagles Director of Digital and Social Media joins host Brian Clapp on the Work in Sports Podcast.

Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp VP of Content and Engaged Learning at and this is the Work in Sports podcast…

Everyone wants to work in sports social media. Ok, that’s hyperbolic, it isn’t everyone, but it seems pretty darn close. 

No one, or at least very few people, remark that they want to work in sports sales, despite it having a really high career ceiling, and money making potential. 

Very few share their love and desire to work in facility management, or consumer goods, despite the enormous opportunities at sports facilities around the globe and massive consumer brands churing out shoes apparal and equipment and monumental clips.

Nope, it seems most of you have sold your soul to Twitter. Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Sports

I’ll admit, I’ll see a tweet from friend of the show Katie Gillen from Atlanta FC when she shares a cool graphic, or behind the scenes video, or incredible photo, or funny comment related to the team… and think to myself, she’s got a pretty awesome job.

Or I notice today's guest Samantha Wood, Director of Digital and Social Media with the Philadelphia Eagles do the same, and there may be a tinge of creative jealousy. As a creator myself, you see people put in positions to be creative and thrive… and sure, I can absolutely see the excitement behind working in social media for a team or organization.

BUT - I don’t want to dampen the dream, but I want to be very clear with all of you. I believe wholeheartedly in settingreasonbale expectations. Telling people the truth about the industry and it’s roles…

Social Media in sports is not just a content party.

I lifted this directly from a job posting for a social media coordinator from our site - where if you hadn’t noticed, there ar 14,482 active jobs right now on our site… so for all you people struggling to get started in the industry… we have the jobs!

Anyway, I lifted these details from one of jobs currently active on our site for a social media coordinator. 

  • Track & analyze social media insights, trends and new platforms.
  • Execute paid social media campaigns and budgets.
  • Assist with website content via the content management system including but not limited to events, weekly promotions, photo galleries, general info (contact info, hours, FAQ, inquiry forms), news articles, etc.
  • Help with database collection through contests, promotions, campaigns and events.
  • Ability to learn and create visually appealing graphic designs using Canva. 
  • Assist with coordination and management of photography and videography assets.
  • Plan, design and manage the outbound emails including database management and content.
  • Work with sponsors on activations and implementation of their contracts.
  • Work with operations to execute Game Day promotions, sponsorship implementation and in game program elements

Let’s pull out some key skills there -- Tracking and analysing data. Budgeting. Executing paid campaigns. Database management. Creating graphics on Canva. Managing content assets. Activation. Contracts. Game Day promotions. 

Now a coordinator is an entry level role, imagine how this ramps up as you become a director!  

As I said, Sports social media isn’t just a content playground, it’s a function of the business operations of the team or organization, and you need to have more than just the ability to tweet to get these jobs.

No one better to teach you that, than todays guest Samantha Wood - Director of Digital and Social platforms with the Philadelphia Eagles!

Listen in to this great episode of the Work in Sports podcast to hear Samantha Wood discuss her role and challenges.

By Brian Clapp | August 07, 2019
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