Sports Job Application Tracking Sheet

I've never been a very organized person at heart. My mind is a scattered mess of tangents and multi-tasking, and don't get me started on the condition of my work environment.

(It's a mix of empty coffee mugs, papers with random notes, cords for podcasting, and shirts for impromptu zoom calls - there I said it)

My wife, quite the opposite.

She is organized, on point, and meticulous -- it makes me highly jealous. When I say "I need an assistant," she says, you need a system.

She's right. As usual. (Don't tell her I said that)

The thing is, once she started teaching me some of her systems, I got hooked. Now, I have tracking spreadsheets, to-do checklists, online tools, calendars, booking systems, and more to keep everything in my business and personal life on track.

I've become an addict to efficiency tools. Join me in this process!

Keep Your Sports Job Applications Organized

One of the most confusing processes you will deal with in your life is applying to jobs and keeping your actions in order.

  • When did I apply for that sports job?
  • Did I send a follow-up note?
  • Should I follow up with the hiring manager?
  • What was their name again?

When you have multiple applications in progress, it all gets messy quick.

ENTER THE SPORTS JOB APPLICATION TRACKING SHEET - inspired by my wife, and built by yours truly!

Here's how it works:

  1. Follow this handy sports job application link!
  2. You'll notice, you can't do anything on this sheet, that's because I don't want you to change it for everyone else! Imagine if 1,000 people are in there at once changing fields, CHAOS I TELL YOU, CHAOS!
  3. Make your own copy. Two methods: File -> Download -> Choose Your Own Adventure. Or, File -> Make a Copy if you want to stick to Google Sheets. (It does not literally say "choose your own adventure" don't @ me bro)
  4. Customize that bad boy, it's yours now! You may hate the Work In Sports blue, that's cool, make it green (the color of $$). And take out the examples, they are just so you can see how it *should* work.
  5. But, keep the formatting. We've built this sheet, thanks to conditional formatting, my wife's knowledge of all things data/sheets/excel, and a H/T to TheMuse, to move through the process with you, and highlight what has to happen next in your sports job applications.
  6. This will keep you on track, and have all the contact info, sports job interview notes, research reminders, application dates, interview dates, and more...but only if you USE IT!
  7. So use it.

I have another one in the works for internships and other processes that need management and will share them here soon.

Stay tuned, and since I am now addicted to efficiency, and my desk is clean and tidy, let me know if there are other trackers you want me to build for you!

Who knew staying organized was this much fun?!

By Brian Clapp | March 18, 2021
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