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Succeeding in Partnership Activation with Molly Wurdack-Folt

by: Chad Twaro
April 20, 2022

An overlooked side effect of working in the sports industry is seeing things differently than how a fan does. Take former WorkInSports Podcast guest Chris Gross, Penn State’s Assistant AD for Marketing, when he saw a Golden State Warriors t-shirt promotion:

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This changing perspective is not a bad thing. It is simply something to be aware of and prepare for when starting your sports career.

Today’s guest on the WorkInSports Podcast has had a similar experience in her career. Molly Wurdack-Folt, Ilitch Sports and Entertainment’s VP of Partnership Activation (the ownership group of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings), collaborates with corporate sponsors looking to further their brands. When working in partnership activation, you need to have a sense of each sponsor’s goals and develop a plan to showcase those companies in a way that resonates with fans at a sporting event.

Catch the full episode of the WorkInSports Podcast as Wurdack-Folt chats with VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp about:

•    Her journey through the sports industry, beginning with her stint with the Miami Dolphins right out of college
•    Her sports career advice for advancing within an organization the way she has with Olympia Entertainment/Ilitch Sports and Entertainment
•    Working between separate parties and ensuring everyone is satisfied with their partnership

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