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How to Successfully Apply to an Organization a Second Time

by: Chad Twaro
April 18, 2022

Finding a job is a laborious and lengthy process that some career coaches say can take 6-7 months to complete. And unfortunately, you are likely to be rejected several times during that period. However, some companies that decided you were not a fit for one position may have another job opening that suits you better. That's where today's question for the WorkInSports Podcast comes in:

"Can you apply to the same company after getting rejected for a different position?"

Second Try Job Application Tips

The sports industry is smaller than you think, and you will likely see the same organization that said "thanks, but no thanks" provide you with another opportunity for employment. Regardless of industry, applying for a job with a company that rejected you for an earlier position is perfectly acceptable.

Trying to sell yourself to an organization that has already determined that you weren't a good fit may seem daunting, but there is a workable path to making yourself stand out the second (or third) time around. The first step is looking objectively at why your candidacy was dismissed earlier. Some of those reasons include:

•    Inadequate credentials
•    Skills don't fit the position
•    Not enough experience
•    Poor interview
•    Resume didn't clear the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
•    Edged out by better competition

Most of these reasons for a failed candidacy are within your control. We’ve repeatedly advised you to customize your resume to fit the job description to get past the ATS and onto the hiring manager's desk,and it is especially important to do so when applying for a job at a company that rejected you. Using the same resume and cover letter that didn't work the first time comes off as lazy and will get rejected again. Plus, if it didn't make it through the ATS the first time, you're unlikely to be any better off on your second try with the same materials.

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Networking with Hiring Managers

If you got an interview from the company and fell short, work on your interview strategies and prepare as much as possible to do better next time. Additionally, treat the job interview as a networking opportunity even if you don't land the position. How you respond to a rejection matters for building and maintaining your network, so sending a response even after rejection is encouraged. Finally, if you were the runner-up in the search process, connecting with the hiring manager on LinkedIn and staying in touch can keep you on the top of their mind when another position opens up.

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