The Benefits of Volunteering at Major Sports Events - Facebook LIVE Replay #7

Every Thursday at 7:30 pm EST, Brian Clapp, host of the Work in Sports podcast, goes live from the Work in Sports facebook page for an hour long session covering important topics that will make a difference for your sports career.

This week, Brian had a special guest on the show, Casey Dehart, who recently volunteered at the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. Casey shares how she got these opportunities, what the experiences were like, and how she'd do things differently if she had the chance to do it all over again.

Really great advice on how volunteering can help you in your sports career!

Here's a sneak peek at Brian's outline and questions for the show:

1: Before we get into all of your volunteer experiences and how they are helping you in your sports career – let’s talk about you a little bit – when did you figure out that you wanted to work in the sports industry and why?

2: So while you were in school did you get any clarity on what specific side of the industry you’d like to go into?

3: It sounds like your strategy has been – get as much experience as I can – and to be honest I love that strategy!

4:Let’s talk about your latest move – you volunteered at the Pro Bowl a few weeks back in beautiful Orlando Florida – how did you find out about this opportunity and what was the process for getting in with the Pro Bowl?

5: Leading up to the event - did you have a strategy on how you were going to approach it and get the most out of the experience?

6: What was the role – what did they have you doing?

7: Did you feel the experience was beneficial and if so how?

8: What about connections – did you feel like you built any relationships you can grow from here?

9: You weren’t done after that – it looks like you volunteered at a country music festival – and then on to the super bowl. Alright so how did you get this opportunity?

10: Super Bowl week is a pretty crazy event, all the movers and shakers in the industry are milling around – what was that like for you?

11: What about connections there – able to meet some people? rub some elbows? share some business cards?

12: I’m going to put you on the spot – which event was better for you personally?

13: Looking back what tips would you share to maximize the experience, anything you wish you had done differently or would if you had another shot?!

Listen in to learn more about volunteering in sports to help your career!

By Brian Clapp | February 15, 2019
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