The Best #SportsBiz Career Advice of 2018...So Far - Work in Sports Podcast e069

The top sports career advice from our sports industry expert interviews have been boiled down into one big episode. This thing is dense with actionable advice and information you need for your sports career! Let's get into it!

Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp Director of Content for and this is the WorkinSports podcast.

Since January we’ve had 10 incredible guests on the podcast - recruiters, vice-presidents, professional athletes, community relations experts, social media managers – it’s been a great run and we’re going to get more and more experts to help advise you on your sportsbiz career advice for 2018

But now is the time to step back a bit – I’ve gone back and listened through all 10 expert interviews so far this quarter and picked out what I think are some of the best pieces of advice, all boiled down into one comprehensive episode.

If you are new to this show – this will be a great starting point. Listen in, see who interests you most and then go back and listen to their whole episode.

Listening to all of these again I was amazed at the depth of tangible, actionable advice that was shared. I conduct these interviews, then listen to them again to edit them, and I still felt like I was reminded of a few great concepts I had forgotten, so I know you’ll get a great deal out of this greatest hits episode.

We’re starting off with Loretta Kerner, Senior Manager of the San Antonio Spurs Silver and Black Give Back community relations team – Loretta has some great career perspective applicable to anyone, that I think sets this whole episode up:

Guests on this episode include:


  • Loretta Kerner, San Antonio Spurs Senior Manager, Silver and Black Give Back

  • Mike Judge, Cleveland Browns Recruiter & Manager of Inside Sales

  • Dan Rossetti, Prodigy Sports Recruiting President

  • Samantha Wood, Philadelphia Eagles Digital Platform Manager

  • Sam Doerr, Phoenix Rising FC Vice President Marketing and Sales

  • Gina Miller, FC Dallas VP of Media and Communication

  • Don Costante, Kansas City Royals Sr. Director of Game Presentation

  • Jeff Altstadter, USGA Director of Public Relations

  • Anya Alvarez, Former LPGA Golfer and Founder of


If you have suggestions for upcoming guests or a question for a Q&A session, please contact host Brian Clapp at podcast at, connect with him on LinkedIn or join our private facebook group.



By Brian Clapp | April 04, 2018
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