The Five Types of People You Need in Your Professional Network - Facebook LIVE Session 5

Every Thursday at 7:30pm EST from the Work in Sports Facebook Page, Brian Clapp our Director of Content and Host of the Work in Sports podcast leads a live session focused on a sports career related topic, and then opened up for questions from the live audience.

This week, Brian focused on the type of people you need in your network, he explains them as:

  1. The Elderstatesman (or woman)
  2. The Connector
  3. The Insider
  4. The Big Thinker
  5. The Realist

Brian goes into great detail on each and why they are important to have in your group of connections. After that, the sessions opens wide for fan questions about anything sports career related. He handles topics like internship strategies, social media networking, entry level sports jobs and much more.

In fact, a surprise member of the audience joins in the conversation, Dan Rossetti, President of Prodigy Sports recruiting agency and guest on a previous episode of the Work in Sports podcast!

Listen in to the above video, and then join Brian next Thursday at 7:30pm EST for another great sports career related session live from the Work in Sports Facebook page.

By Brian Clapp | January 25, 2019
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