The Fundamentals of Breaking into Sports with Randy Just Director of Customer Service, Randy Just, gets ambushed by Brian and answers the questions he hears most often from our premium members

I had this idea, which was completely unfair. Our Director of Customer Service Randy Just is a fascinating guy, giving, lovable, and still attends EDM concerts in his mid-40's. 

At we have a small intimate, family oriented crew, and in many ways he's the heart of our operation. Brian Clapp Host of the Work in Sports Podcast

Everyday he handles questions from our members, talks to professors in sports management programs and leads our sales team. When you call our help line, he answers.

Not some call center overseas, my man Randy picks up the phone. When people call, he spends time with them. He doesn't just hurry them off the phone and try to get on to the next thing on his to-do list.

He informs, because he cares.

On this call we talk about:

  • The fundamentals of Breaking into Sports
  • How he goes about helping people on their search for sports jobs
  • How he got his sports career launched with the Phoenix Coyotes
  • How sales are the main entry point into the sports industry
  • The way to network, and build your personal brand

So much fun on this call, Randy didn't know I was calling...but he figured out i was recording about 8 minutes in. 

Give it a listen!

By Brian Clapp | June 04, 2018
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