The Most Efficient Way to Start Building Your Network - Work in Sports podcast e099

People are struggling to build their network of contacts and relationships in the sports industry, but you know what I see? Missed opportunities. Learn the easy tricks to network the right way.  

This weeks QA session comes from  Jones in Milwaukee –Brian Clapp Host of the Work in Sports Podcast

“Hey Brian, I’m a pretty new listener so forgive me if you’ve covered this subject before, but I’m not a natural at networking and every time someone tells me breaking into this industry is about “who you know” I feel like I’m going to break out in hives. Can you give me some rookie level advice on building a network?”

Good question Jones, for more details listen in to the podcast where we cover these concepts:

  • Networking is all about having a reason to connect
  • LinkedIn is your best friend
  • Quality over quantity
  • Follow up is paramount
  • Implement a gradual build up of the relationship and the questions you ask plus things you provide

Listen in to the episode to learn more about networking in the sports industry!

By Brian Clapp | July 09, 2018
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