The Women's Football BOOM!

In recent years gender equality in sports has made impressive strides, advancing societal expectations to a point beyond "football is for young men," and "artful dance is for young women."

And while women's soccer (football) is no where near as popular on the global stage as the men's game, the popularity curve is still trending upwards, pointing to the continual ascent of the women's game. The media, and overall population, advances an imbalance in coverage and attention, but this hasn't slowed down the determination of the sports governing bodies or executive leadership.

There are stars in women's football, stars that will push forward, advance the game and release it back to another wave of even brighter more talented stars on the horizon we are yet to be introduced to.

Progress in equality issues comes in big steps and small. The 2015 Women's World Cup saw the largest television audiences ever in the US for a soccer game - men's or women's - with over 25.4 million viewers tuning in to see US beat Japan 5-2.

That's a big step.

But even the small steps matter - like inclusion.

EA Sports, in the 2016 version of their FIFA soccer game, for the first time included the option to play with women's national teams. A seemingly small step, but with huge ramifications and international recognition as players become more identified and celebrated by the casual fan.

Women's soccer is in it's growth cycle, garnering attention of broadcast partners, highlighting stars, and developing competitive leagues around the globe. After the Brits finished third at the 2015 World Cup, attendance numbers for games of the women's super league has risen by 26%.

There was a time not to long ago when people scoffed at the idea of the MLS in America, now some 24 years later it continues to grow in reach and credibility. That time is coming for women's soccer, as they continue to develop a passionate fan base ready to travel to the next prime soccer destination.

It all starts with learning the main players, and being exposed to the great play on the pitch:

The Women's Football BOOM! by Clubline Football.
By Brian Clapp | May 10, 2017
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