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Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp, Vp of Content and Engaged Learning for and this is the Work in Sports podcast…

Quick note before we jump into todays episode -- i get a lot of questions about starting and growing a podcast, questions I love to answer because this is a really fun part of my work life. I don’t answer those questions here, because it doesn’t really fit… but i do have a piece of advice today…

Have you heard of Zombie Skittles? Yeah, they are skittles with halloween themed flavors -- pretty tasty -- but the trick is, hidden amongst the joyful little sweet oval candies are scattered some that look like regular flavors but are actually “dead zombie” flavor. 

My 12 year old son, has a jar of these on the kitchen counter with a sign above it that says “zombie skittles” try if you dare. 

My big recommendation for all of you interested in podcasting -- don’t tempt fate with a zombie skittle right before recording. I literally have the taste of teenage body odor mixed with rotting flesh and skunks ass swirling around my mouth right now, and apparently water doesn’t help. 

This is awful. I may need to wash the flavor away with a reese’s peanut butter cup -- or I may have to resist that urge so I don’t put on the COVID 300.



So far I am weigh neutral during quarantine which I’m pretty happy about.

Ok, enough delay, lets get to the stat line

Three data points to help you understand the state of the sports industry and three fresh jobs that are super cool as determined by me.

#1 -- currently on the leading job board for the sports industry - we have 17,367 active sports jobs -- quick side not on that, big shout out to Shelbei Reicks who runs the blog Her Shot at the Top and shared on twitter this past week comparing the various spots job boards -- I’ll summarize for you, we have 15,000 more active sports jobs than our nearest competitor. 

#2 - in the last week we added 1,807 new sports jobs an increase of 1% which is essentially flat.

#3: Which is an average of 258 new jobs added each day of the last week. Not bad. 

As i told you all last week, expect numbers to decline slightly as we approach the holidays, don’t panic, this is normal seasonality. 

Ok, three fresh cool jobs this week…Oh and before i get into that, special thanks to Ed Olson and his class at Arizona State, who welcomed me into their sports marketing classroom last week -- we talked resumes, interviewing, gaining the right skills -- great class, super fun.

In about an hour I’ll be speaking in Eric Esterline’s class at the University of Florida -- which is always a good time too. Sun Devils and Gators not a bad week.

Three cool jobs -- 

Sports Betting Senior Content Coordinator at NBC Sports -- look, I don’t know sports betting AT ALL. I’m that guy that hears the Vikings are -175  for tonight’s game and thinks, that sounds bad, only later to have a friend say, no they are favored to win. 

Anyway, my point is that I won’t be competing with you for this job -- AND that sports betting is a growth sector of the sports industry. There are great opportunities here, even if I am a dolt. 

Business Strategy Internship for Austin FC -- ok, now this is cool, Austin FC joins MLS officially in 2021, and as I’ve said many times on this here podcast, sports is just a huge business… AND… jobs in business strategy, business analytics, revenue optimization etc etc are on the rise. This is a great way to start building your knowledge and experience on the business side of sports. 

AND if any of you get this internship, I want a  T-shirt, because I really like their logo.

Speaking of great logos! 

The Seattle KRAKEN are hiring a digital specialist -- great entry entry role. You aren’t writing the content, you are managing the flow of the content. So for example, they have writers and video editors and creators -- in this role you take their work and bring it to the world. You use their content management system, build landing pages, upload and embed video content -- GREAT way to learn how things work and be a part of a major new operations content team. Learning this way, from the ground up, with a new organization is awesome -- you grow withthe team. 

And Seattle is a great city, i lived there for 10 years and sometimes regret leaving. 

And that’s the stat line for today…

 Ok, big question time… a student from Grand Canyon University writes in…

“Hi Brian, you conducted a resume workshop at Grand Canyon University a couple of weeks ago, and many of my classmates told me it was really great. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go, can you share with me some of your tips for my resume?”

Why yes I can.

I have three very important thoughts on resumes. 

Listen in to the podcast episode to learn what they are!

By Brian Clapp | November 16, 2020
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