Tiara Brown: Charlotte Hornets Sr. Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility

Hi everybody, I’m Brian Clapp VP of Content and Engaged Learning for WorkinSports.com and this is the Work In Sports podcast…

Corporate Social Responsibility.

It’s a big term with a lot of weight, but for a long time Corporate Social Responsibility was a “nice-to-have” part of an organization. A “check the box” procedural decision of large corporations in sports and in business.

These massive organizations figured Corporate Social Responsibility, or Community Relations, was a way to feel good about their org, to do good in the community, and grab some positive press here and there.social responsibility in sports

Now, times have changed, Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a separate piece of the business strategy, it is an integral part.

It is no longer a division of the organization kept separate from the larger organization plan, it is part and parcel.

It is no longer just a desire to do some good, it is an essential part of a business being successful.

Why? Why this fundamental change?

If you ask me the reason is two-fold – competition, and current events.

Even in sports, there is competition for the almighty fan dollar. This isn’t the 1980’s where if you are a fan of a certain team you have to go to the game to see them play. There are alternatives to spending money at the arena.

There are other sports, you can watch on TV, heck you can even bypass your local team and watch out of market teams in a myriad of ways or you can choose completely different things to invest your money in.

Competition is huge… if your team isn’t likable if it doesn’t have a soul if it is mired in controversy… people will turn away. Corporate Social Responsibility aims to fix this.. to give a heart and soul to the big business.  

In addition, current events demand someone keeping an eye on the decision making of the organization and making sure it aligns with the expectations of society. Sexual misconduct, race relations, freedom of speech and countless other issues are at the forefront of our day to day society.

Never before has it been more important for sports teams, leagues and organizations to lead in this regard rather than react from behind.

This week’s guest, Tiara Brown, Charlotte Hornets Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility sees this all happening first hand. She and her team with the Hornets aim to strengthen the Charlotte community by supporting education, military, hunger and wellness initiatives – and they are doing one heck of a job.

Here’s Tiara Brown…

By Brian Clapp | July 08, 2020
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