What is that Sports Job? Field Producer - Work in Sports podcast e084

A fan of the show asks: "Who is that guy working with Lisa Salters on her ESPN live shot?" We explain what a field producer is, their role, responsibilities and the way to become one, on this podcast episode.   

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So let’s get into this weeks question – it comes from Jill Foster Koch to our private facebook group

This might sound odd, but if anyone would know it'd be this group. I'm trying to find out what a certain job position is called. Lisa Salters, with ESPN, has a man named Greg that assists her on the field. Not makeup, not one that holds the lights on her for when she goes live, but directs her where to be. Does anyone know what his position is called?

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of her answer, I just want to say I like the idea of this question. So often I’m giving advice on interviewing or interning or building your brand…stuff like that, but this is more of the “hey who is that guy, that looks like a fun job”

So if more of you have question like – hey, so who is the person who does that thing that looks interesting – send them along, I think it can make for some fun and informative conversations.

Now on to Jill’s question.

Without personally knowing Greg – not sure how you know his first name by the way – I’m assuming he is the field producer assigned to Lisa.

Listen to the podcast to understand more about what a field producer does in sports!


By Brian Clapp | May 21, 2018
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