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Alright let’s start the countdown…

Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp, VP of Content and Engaged learning at WorkInSports.com and this is the Work In Sports podcast…

New feature -- big hit. 

Got a lot of positive feedback on our new segment  -- so let’s jump right into...The Stat Line


work in sports podcast with brian clapp


Alright quick recap of the week that was in the world of sports employment - through the lens of WorkInSports.com the number one job board for the sports industry…

Three main data points and trends to keep you informed … we start with the top line number. 

There are currently 15,556 active sports jobs posted on WorkinSports.com -- that is a good healthy number.

Now, this is down 1.3% week over week. 

But as is always the case data needs context.   

In the last week we added 3,302 new active sports jobs - and average of 471 new jobs per day and an increase of 27% week over week.

So you may be asking -- how can you add 3,302 jobs this week and have less overall jobs?

Well, that’s actually another really good indicator for the state of our industry. What this means is, there was a churn -- many jobs were filled, many new jobs added -- positive activity level. 

OK, final part of the stat line, three awesome jobs added this week:

This part is subjective. 

Communication and Digital Media Internship with USA Team Handball -- look I don’t know anything about handball, other than I think I would be awesome at it -- but the opportunity to learn this skills for a national governing body is the type of thing that will sand out on your resume.

Play-by-Play broadcaster for the San Diego Seals -- who are the San Diego Seals? They are a National Lacrosse League team in San Diego, I like San Diego. The only problem I have is that in San Diego, nothing should be indoors. Seriously, everything from showering to sports should be required to be outdoors in San Diego.

And finally -- I have been in the sports industry for 20+ years and I still am introduced to new jobs and companies every damn day. 

Our final job comes from BallerTV who I heard of for the first time this morning. Based in Miami they are looking for a Live Sports Event Coordinator --   Baller TV according to my research, is a venture-backed startup that is building the world's largest sports network from the ground up. 

And that was the Stat Line!

Do you like that segment? Any other stats you want me to add? Message me on LinkedIN, or join our private facebook group by searching for the Work In Sports podcast on Facebook.

And, remember, a Work In Sports membership is just $8 for the first month. You can get access to all of these jobs and way, way, way, way, way, way more. 

Alright, let’s get to today’s fan question from Wyatt in Pennsylvania...

“Hey Brian, I need a little convincing on the power of networking. I’m not a natural networker, I don’t really like it and I’m not fully convinced it matters in the long run. Can you help convince me that it is an effort worth undertaking?”

Wyatt in Pennsylvania
  • Good questions Wyatt -- thanks for asking.
  • The just add water mentality.
  • There are not instant returns
  • Relationship building - don’t ask for things. 
  • Be active and visible  --- Gregory Goodman story
  • Quality vs. quantity
  • NBA G-League operations story

Networking works, but it also takes work. If you don’t put in the work, don’t blame the process, blame yourself and your dedication to establishing connections that matter. 

Wyatt -- put in the work to build powerful connections and a network and it can help you in the moment you need it most. 

Alright that’s it for today -- IN just a few hours I am very excited to be interviewing Chasity Melvin, 12 years in the WNBA, played all over the globe, first female coach in the Charlotte hornets organization, current Assistant Coach for the Phoenix Mercury, a fanatic for player development...I’m fired up to talk with her.

That episode will air WEDNESDAY so stay tuned for that. And coming up in the month of october, our 4-part series titled Moving Forward where we focus on how professionals can promote and educate others on social justice through their roles in sports.  

I’m very excited about this project and owe my partner in this project Adrienne Brown a ton of thanks. 

Stay tuned for that and Chasity on Wednesday -- please rate and review our show wherever you listen, it helps us remain high in the podcast rankings so more listeners can find us.

And stay safe out there -- wear a mask, we are not done with this shit. And a plan to vote -- thanks everyone…

By Brian Clapp | September 28, 2020
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