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Why Most People Struggle Writing Cover Letters (and How to Improve)

By iHire | November 01, 2021

When he isn’t dispensing job search advice on the WorkInSports Podcast, VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp makes the rounds with speaking engagements at various universities. There, he shares his wisdom with college students to build the foundations of their careers. This week’s Q&A podcast episode comes from a topic that came up time and again during Brian’s most recent encounters with undergraduates:

  1. Do employers even read cover letters anymore?
  2. What should I do on my cover letter to stand out?

How Important is a Cover Letter?

Let’s tackle these questions chronologically. For anyone asking, “How important is a cover letter?” we have the answer: Nearly two-thirds of employers believe that a cover letter is important in their hiring process. Even if a job posting states that a cover letter is optional, it is still a good idea to submit one anyway because they offer an opportunity to infuse your personality into your application. Cover letters also allow you to highlight soft skills through a story you can’t put on a resume and show you are serious about the job you are applying for. With these insights in mind, Brian uses this WorkInSports Podcast episode to dive further into the next part of the inquiry:

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Cover Letter Best Practices

Writing a good cover letter is hard, which is why our teammates at iHire works diligently to help with tools such as the Cover Letter Generator.

From Brian’s personal experience evaluating candidates, many people struggle with writing a good cover letter. As mentioned above, the cover letter is an opportunity to personalize yourself to a hiring manager in a different tone than conveyed by your resume. One of the most common cover letter mistakes is putting a resume into paragraph form. Doing so gives employers and recruiters, who look through countless applications, an excuse to throw yours out quickly.

Beyond the valuable Cover Letter Generator tool (and this podcast episode), iHire also offers some cover letter best practices in the form of templates and writing techniques that can make your cover letter a true asset on your job search.

Catch the full episode to absorb more wisdom on perfecting the art of writing a good cover letter, and subscribe to the WorkInSports Podcast for more job search advice. We also have episodes filled with more advice on our official YouTube Channel!

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