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WIS Podcast: Changing Lives Through Sports w/Desmond Dunham

By iHire | September 23, 2021

Adversity is something we all face in varying degrees. Every time, no matter how robust the adversity is, we have choices to make: Will this challenge break me, or will I overcome it? Experts in handling adversity will tell you that you have all the tools you need to overcome any adversity.Coach Dez WorkInSports Podcast

On this episode of the WorkInSports Podcast, Brian Clapp sits down with Desmond Dunham to take listeners through his personal journey and help them find their own road to success.

About Desmond Dunham

Desmond Dunham grew up in Gary, Indiana, battled a turbulent home life, struggled with dyslexia, and many other obstacles that we’ll let him enlighten you on, but that adversity he faced did not consume him.

“Coach Dez” found his light in sports, specifically cross country running. Many people reap the therapeutic benefits of running to relieve stress and clear their minds. Coach Dez’s running helped him literally change the trajectory of his life. Cross country gave Coach Dez confidence, belief, a sense of community, and a respite from his problems at home. It eventually became his life’s work.

For the last two decades, Dunham has been a coach, teacher, entrepreneur, and youth sports expert. Now he can add author to that list as his book Running Against the Odds is coming out soon.

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Coach Dez’s Accomplishments

•    Coached, trained, and developed over 100 Junior Olympic All-Americans and High School All-Americans.
•    Guided teams to 68 state championships.
•    Mentored athletes who won 17 national high school relay championships and three Penn Relay Championships.

Brian and Coach Dez discuss a plethora of topics, including:

  1. Coach Dez’s background and why he turned to running.
  2. Why it was important for his journey to write Running Against the Odds.
  3. The value of imparting life lessons beyond X’s and O’s to his student-athletes.
  4. Whether or not kids are even allowed to enjoy the youth sports journey today.
  5. Staying in tune with his student-athletes’ mental health.

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