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WIS Podcast: Job Interviewing is a Skill, Here's How to Improve It

by: Chad Twaro
August 24, 2021

Another Q&A episode of the Work In Sports podcast brings some more advice about the industry. This week, we've got a question from a curious high school senior named Jeremy who is passionate about getting into the sports industry, he writes:

“Hi Brian, I am entering my senior year of High School, I play soccer and baseball at the varsity level, but  not quite good enough to play in college. Nonetheless, I’ve figured out that I really want to work in sports and you are the expert on that, so here I am with a question!

This year we’ll be practicing mock job and college application interviews. One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I am terrible in these situations. I know interviews and professional conversations are really important, can you help give me some tips to do better and improve?”  

This whole episode is worth the listen to get the depth of how to build those job interview skills and really nail all of your opportunities in the future. Here are a few tidbits.

Tell a Story!



Simply put, have a hook and something to tell people in a job interview that will make you stand out and be remembered when the interviewer is checking their notes afterwards.

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Know What Message You Want to Tell



Cut through the muck of regurgitating your resume and refine your message to what qualities you want to highlight about yourself.

Build Confidence



Obviously, more reps will build some of that confidence, but try to enter the interview from a standpoint that this is simply a conversation between two or more people that you are involved in.

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