Q&A with Brian Clapp

WIS Podcast Q&A: Brian (and Ted Lasso) on How Would Your Co-Workers Describe You

by: Chad Twaro
August 09, 2021

After a week away from answering your questions, it's time to dip back into the mailbag (digitally speaking) and we've got a great question from Ally in Virginia.

“Hey Brian, love your podcast thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. I really appreciate how raw and honest you are. I was blown away by your vulnerability during your tribute to your CEO John last week. I think I cried a little and didn’t even know him! I do have a question for you if you have the time to answer. I just had an interview and I was asked a question I was totally unprepared for, I bombed it. I have a feeling it will come up again, can you maybe help advise? They asked “How would your boss or co-workers describe you” and I basically stared at them and said I had no idea. Please help me for next time!”

Brian takes some advice from (in)famous futbol coach Ted Lasso in fielding this one.


Give a listen for how to tackle that question in your next interview, be sure to share the insight!

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