Sports Science in Action with Dr. Rami Hashish

Sports Science in Action w/Dr. Rami Hashish

By Brian Clapp | August 11, 2021

Before we dive into the sport science with National Biomechanics Institute Founder and Director Dr. Rami Hashish, allow me to do some tablesetting. There are two goals in every interview we conduct.

1) We want to paint a picture of our guests career, how they got there and why they love it, because this could inform your later decision in life. I love it when someone says to me “Listening to your show helped me realize I wanted to work in sports marketing.”

2) We want to inform. Even if you have no desire to be an expert in biomechanics, we can still make the conversation interesting and appealing to everyone who listens.Sports Science in Action with Dr. Rami Hashish-thumb

As I consider guests for the show, I ask our team does this guest represent a career in demand that the audience may desire to become, and is this subject interesting enough to everyone else who doesn’t want that career?

So a few weeks back I get a pitch from a PR firm for Dr. Rami Hashish. I get a good deal of pitches, most of them are book tours and don’t serve the audience well so I pass.  But I always consider them.

This was very different, and it got me excited right away.

I was expecting something like, “Dr. Hashish has written a book on body movement would you be interested in having him on your show?”

What I got instead was "Dr. Rami is the Founder of the National Biomechanics Institute and the Chief Technological Officer of pareIT. He has been retained as an expert witness on more than 1,000 occasions, examining injuries in sports, the workplace, motor vehicle, and aviation accidents. Dr. Rami has consulted for various organizations including pro sports team in the NBA and NFL. He has been asked by national media outlets to comment on everything injury related, including Tiger Woods’ car crash by the USA Today."

Dr. Rami Hashish Topics:

  • At 10:45, Dr. Rami Hashish explains how the biomechanics field and sport science has grown and more importantly, what jobs are out there for you to seize!

  • Around 16:12, Dr. Hashish takes us down memory lane to when the barefoot running shoes were a thing, was that ever for real or was it just a passing fad?

  • Finally at about the 22 minute mark, I ask Dr. Rami Hashish about Tom Brady's TB12 program and how he has been able to keep dominating the gridiron at his age.

Enjoy this enticing discussion with Dr. Rami Hashish, Founder of the National Biomechanics Institute, in its entirety and share the WorkInSports Podcast with your friends!

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