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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Accepting a Job Offer

by: Chad Twaro
June 13, 2022

As our show title suggests, the WorkInSports Podcast’s mission is to teach you how to find a job in sports. Most of our sports career advice –  such as tailoring your resume for each job you apply for, writing a compelling cover letter, and standing out during an interview – centers on getting your foot in the door. Once you get an offer, what do you do? That’s what Jennifer in Los Angeles wants to know:

“Hey Brian, I have been looking to change jobs to work in the sports industry, and I love the advice you provide on this show! WorkInSports has turned out to be a huge resource for me as I found many jobs, companies, and cool opportunities I wasn’t aware of. My question is this, I’m getting into the interview cycle, my resume looks good, and I feel things are going well, but how do you decide whether a job is worth accepting? I’m afraid of making the wrong choice and then having to start this process all over again.”


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Tips for Accepting a Job Offer

After all the preparation that went into finally receiving a job offer, it is tempting to accept one immediately, but that’s not always the smartest decision. Receiving the offer is an emotional boost. Therefore, it is usually best to wait until the lift wears off to analyze whether the company is a good professional fit for you. While you should immediately thank the hiring manager for sending an offer your way, ask for a couple of days to review it and respond (usually no more than 48 hours, or the Monday following a Friday offer). During the period between the offer and your decision, consider the following:

  • The position: What are the day-to-day responsibilities? Are there growth opportunities?
  • Salary: Does it fit your budget? Are you happy with the offer?
  • Supervisor and co-workers: Do you like and respect them? Can you work with them?

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