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Here’s How to Connect with a Hiring Manager

by: Chad Twaro
April 11, 2022

We center much of our sports career advice around polishing your application materials and acing job interviews on the WorkInSports Podcast, and for good reason. Your resume and cover letter show what you bring to the table, and an interview is your chance to make a lasting impression with the hiring manager. However, another aspect? of the job search that can give your candidacy a boost is an effective follow-up. That’s where Ben from Arizona’s question comes in.

“Hey Brian – I've been applying for jobs lately and I want to do a better job with my follow-up. What do you suggest is the best way to find people’s names and contact info at an organization that I am interested in applying for a job with?”

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Job interview follow up is commonplace, as well as during the initial application stage (check out our tips on how to follow up on a job application). Following up after applying and an interview is important, but it is also a reactive task. When a company posts a job, the hiring manager is quickly inundated with emails from job seekers doing their due diligence. Here’s how you can take a more proactive approach to get in contact with hiring managers before you even apply.

First, make a list of employers that you are passionate about working for. Once that shortlist is formed, take time to learn about the company, and then work on creating connections. If you utilize this strategy, you can build a meaningful network of contacts and be more impactful than a standard job application follow-up email.

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