How to Prepare for a Second Job Interview

Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp, VP of Content and Engaged learning at and this is the WorkInSports podcast…

Before we get into the stat line and today’s awesome question -- twoo upcoming guests I want to highlight. 

Last week I interviewed Benny Tran, EVP of Corporate Strategy and Operations at LAFC. Benny came from a world outside of sports, he has a background in public policy getting his Master’s from Princeton. He worked internationally for the Clinton Foundation battling climate change and global health initiatives. 

The dude is a genius.



I don’t think I’ve been more intimidated for an interview, I was so afraid to say something stupid. Benny is an absolute delight my fears were unfounded. When Benny came to LAFC his big role was building the LAFC brand through the community, and what is now known as Banc of California Stadium in LA. Our discussion on the process and priorities of stadium construction and community involvement is fascinating.

That will air Wednesday March 24th.

And, today I also interviewed Zach Maurides, founder and CEO of Teamworks. If you are a student-athlete you likely know about Teamworks. They work with over 100 professional teams, from the Boston Red Sox to the San Francisco 49ers. And 250 D1 college programs, from Alabama to Stony Brook.

Teamworks is the leading ATHLETE ENGAGEMENT platform, built by athletes, for athletes. Their software and app make everything easier for elite athletic teams – from scheduling and communication, to sharing files and managing travel.  

I am fired up to speak with Zach, who developed Teamworks as an undergrad Offensive Lineman at Duke. He’s an athlete, building products for athletes. And it’s awesome. 

Check that week.

Today’s question is from Neera in Illinois, 

Hi Brian, good news I had an awesome first interview with a sports company I really want to work for. I used so much of your advice and it really guided me through the process and gave me confidence. I researched, I reviewed my skills and accomplishments, I came up with stories to share that exemplified my soft skills,....basically, I channeled you and it worked, I got asked back for a second interview.

So with that in mind, what should I do now?! Is it a totally different experience from the second job interview?


Watch The Video! Second Job Interview Tips:




Neera great great question! And congratulations

Let’s get into it.

(For more insights listen to the Work in Sports podcast episode or watch the Youtube video!)

1: Frame your mind that if you were competing with 25 people before, now it’s like 10. That’s a good thing. 

2: You’ll meet with more decision-makers, different people, a cross-section of the business.

3: Lean into what worked during interview #1

4: Expect some repeats -- new people but similar questions from a different voice.

5: What did you learn from your interview about them? Company mission, goals, future plans? Lean into those to frame your answers and how you fit strategically.

6: Expect the questions to be aligned with how you will impact the business if you are hired -- the questions will be more forward-thinking vs. investigating who the heck you are.

So instead of, tell me about a time when you had to overcome an objection, it’ll be more like, "What would you expect to accomplish in your first few months on the job?" Or, "what do you think makes you a good fit for this role?"

They want to see your vision for yourself, how you fit and how aggressive you are. 

Better to overpromise here and show enthusiasm. Be confident.

7: Expect salary to come up

8: Have lots of questions

By Brian Clapp | March 22, 2021
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