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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Job Market

by: Chad Twaro
May 02, 2022

The Great Resignation created a favorable market for candidates, but that doesn't mean job searches aren't competitive. John from Georgia explains to the WorkInSports Podcast that getting a sports job today is as competitive as ever:

"Hey Brian – sorry for being blunt, but I'm getting kind of sick of the ‘job seeker’s market’ talk everywhere. It is harder out there than people think. Yes, there are opportunities, but there is also a ton of competition for sports jobs. If I get one more ‘thank you for your application, but we've decided to pursue other candidates’ email, I'm gonna flip. I have experience, I have a good education, I'm raring to go and passionate – what else can I do to differentiate myself?"

When applying for jobs, our sports career advice is to focus on putting your best materials forward on fewer applications instead of using the "spray and pray" approach and hoping you get lucky. Though it’s more time-consuming, customizing your cover letter and resume for each opening shows hiring managers you’re genuinely interested in their job. Here is how to improve your resume:


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Polishing and customizing these materials will greatly improve your chances of reaching a hiring manager, but there is more you can do to stand out to potential employers. A study showed that 70% of employers screen a candidate's social media before deciding to hire them, so maintaining a prominent (and positive) online presence is critical to making the impression you want with a hiring manager.

Here are a few other quick tips for standing out from your competition on the job search:

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