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Making Bucks for Pro Sports w/Milwaukee Bucks’ Hollis Brown

by: Chad Twaro
July 06, 2022

Ticket sales and television contracts tend to get most of the media’s attention when covering professional sports franchises’ revenue streams. However, corporate partnerships also significantly improve teams’ bottom lines and offer plenty of career opportunities in the sports industry.

Today’s guest on the WorkInSports Podcast is the Milwaukee Bucks’ Hollis Brown. She serves as the team’s Coordinator of Partner Strategy and Management. Brown joined the Bucks as a Sales Associate in 2021, right as the Bucks were starting their NBA Championship run. Her day-to-day includes fulfilling sponsorship contracts with the Bucks’ clients by utilizing traditional media assets, digital and social media platform promotion, and in-game experiences.


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Brown also co-hosts Outnumbered, a podcast dedicated to helping young professionals start their sports careers. Additionally, she was named Miss Wisconsin 2022. She joins WorkInSports VP of Marketing and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp to discuss:

  • Her career journey from interning at her alma mater Virginia Tech to ESPN and, eventually, the Milwaukee Bucks
  • How she went from having her position at ESPN contracted during COVID to landing on her feet in her current role
  • What skills she learned that ultimately led to a promotion within the Bucks’ organization in seven months
  • Her advice for people trying to get their career in sports started

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