Felisa Israel

The Future of Live Sports Production

by: Chad Twaro
March 02, 2022

Sports broadcasts are available in abundance. Whether using traditional cable or online streaming services, fans can access hundreds of broadcasts across several leagues worldwide. If you've ever considered a career working behind the scenes of live sports production or wondered how to get into sports broadcasting, this episode of the WorkInSports Podcast is for you.

Felisa Israel has brought live NBA basketball games to our screens for over 20 years, spending time with a few franchises before becoming NBA Entertainment’s Director of Live Programming and Entertainment. Israel eventually struck out on her own and started her live production company, 10 Fold Entertainment.

Israel’s company provides comprehensive live sports production services for the NBA and its members, but that is not the full extent of their reach. Under Israel, 10 Fold Entertainment has built partnerships with companies and brands like Bleacher Report, Major League Lacrosse, the Big East Conference, Nike, UCLA Anderson School of Management, and the University of Texas. In addition, they provide live services such as A/V technical production, social media management, fan experience, game operations, and staffing.

Israel joins VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp, where they discuss:

•    Her time with the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury during the league’s start
•    What makes a successful live sports production
•    Why she started 10 Fold Entertainment
•    What she looks for when hiring staff

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