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Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp, VP of Content and Engaged Learning at and this is the Work In Sports podcast…

It was March 11th that the NBA suspended their season and today is March 30th -- that’s 19 days without sports, the longest I’ve ever gone in my life. It is for the greater good, but man this stinks. 

I hope you have all been doing the best you can with social distancing and quarantine. It is the right choice, and I hope you are all following the guidelines set out by the experts.

I’m not making any political commentaries here when I say -- trust the experts. Ignore the fluff, and pageantry, focus on the medical experts and scientists. 

Moving right along -- we’re trying to stay focused on the things you can be doing to advance yourself during this time of chaos.

We are ramping up our content -- on Mondays, we’ll do our standard answer a fan question. ON Wednesday’s expert interview...and then we’re adding a Friday edition, which will either be a piece of advice relevant to our current world and situation or will be a timely guest. 

So far we’ve had special guests Kenneth Shropshire, CEO of the Global Sports Institute, I’ve done an episode on networking during the global pandemic, and just this past Friday I had on Greg Hylton, VP of Premium Seating with the NFL.

I have to tell you, Greg’s one of my new favorite interviews and I hope you all have listened or will go back and listen to it today.

Why this episode?

Well, Greg works in the NFL, the one league with a season ahead - so his perspective is unique right now.

He also really knows the importance of revenue-generating roles, and how they will be in great demand when we come out of this

We talk about the smaller leagues can survive this, the strategy teams may use to make up the revenue shortfall, how attending games may have to change… and more. It was an awesome conversation, please check it out. 

Today, we’re going to handle what has become a very very common question.  

I’ve received this question in various formats about 1,000 times now -- “Hey brian, what can I be doing right now to advance my career prospects?”

I’ve talked about networking during this time, I’ve talked about learning a skill that you don’t have, I’ve talked about online courses and training, especially in sales because that is where the demand will be.

Today I want to talk about conducting a self-audit. 

I know, this sounds awful. Aa self-audit sounds like a root canal. I need to come up with some better branding. 

All it really is, is getting a deeper understanding of yourself, and how you match up with the needs of the marketplace.  

Step 1: The Heat Check


Step 2: The resume review 

Step 3: Cover letter

Step 4: Informational interviews

By Brian Clapp | March 30, 2020
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