Three Sports Careers That Hone Your Counseling Skills

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Being a sports coach takes more than X's and O's
Many people's main objective in life is to pursue a fulfilling and worthwhile career. Each individual has a different perspective on what fulfilling really means, for some it may be a specific cause, doing something to help others, or just feeling good going to work every day.

No matter how you define it you are the one in control, able to choose and change your path as you see fit on your journey. But even with great planning, there will most likely come a time when you end up doing something other than what you really want.

You might feel stuck, unhappy, or bored with your current job and it simply does not make sense anymore. Resolving this issue can be tough and stressful, but there are available ways to settle it, and they usually require some soul searching. Dig deep to understand your purpose, what drives you and satisfies you.

If after this process you discover a deep desire to help others a Diploma of Counseling degree can set you up for career success doing what matters most for you.

Here are some of the sports careers that benefit from trained counselors:

Sports Coaching

Coaching isn't just about diagraming the X's and O's and crafting game plans, coaches spend a majority of their time dealing with unique personalities, group dynamics, motivational techniques and problem solving. The psychology of being a coach is one of the most underrated facets of the career.

If you love sports and have dreamed of going into coaching, adding a background in counseling and psychology can be a huge benefit to your ability to get a team on a winning path. A sports coach that can train the body and the mind is a special to prepare for your sports job search ebook

Human Resources

In every company, a human resource is always needed. Major sports organizations like ESPN, Nike, Octagon and the Dallas Cowboys all have huge human resources departments to help their employees reach their full potential. Even small organizations have HR staff members to help assist in all parts of employee management.

As an HR representative, you have the ability to assess and understand the type of person that fits a certain position in your business, which is an important role in the growth of your team. Your counseling skills offer more advanced knowledge to the pressures, fears, and needs of various employees. In addition, you will know how to empathize in different circumstances and assist in making your entire company a better place to work on.

Physical Education Teacher

Everyone knows that being a teacher is not an easy job, engaging to each student every single day requires a lot of patience. Nonetheless, if this is what fulfills you, then you can survive teaching.

Your counseling skills will also work in this field since you are able to communicate and connect with different personalities. The more you understand your students the more you can help motivate them to do their best in school.

Just think of the impact you can make as a Physical Education teacher in a country full of obese kids stuck to their smartphones. Want to make a difference in the world - be a PE teacher and get kids moving again!

All in all, counseling skills can help you widen your horizon.

There are a lot of careers out there, like the ones mentioned above, that will hone your skills in this field. Aside from expanding your own career, you are also able to support other people through giving some pieces of advice whenever they encounter personal, social, or psychological issues in their lives. This way, you can provide them assistance and boost their confidence level again.

It is certainly a fulfilling career that offers you priceless moments as well.

This article is a guest contribution from writer Mike Leandro Lagman
By Brian Clapp | August 19, 2016
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