Tips For Landing a Sports Internship

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I have no idea what you'd learn, but interning for the King would be pretty cool
If you have the passion for sports and you see yourself in this field as a career option, it is better to get started young and the best way to do that is by landing a coveted sports internship.

Sport internships are a great way of pushing up your profile, gaining valuable experience and standing out in the extremely competitive world of sports. Internship programs are offered by most businesses in the sports industry to help students gain knowledge of various sports careers.

If you are chosen for such a prestigious opportunity, it will surely boost your chances at the time of job application in reputed companies.

Let's look at some tips which can help you in your attempts at winning a sports internship:

Choose Your Area of Work Well

Do an assessment of your skills before applying for the internships.

If you are interested in the marketing side, you need to have the communication and analytical skills required for this area. If you are interested in media (webcasting, writing, videography and producing documentaries) then sports media management would be your forte. It is all based on your skills. Irrespective of the kind of department you finally choose, you need to possess requisite analytical and logical thinking skills.

Demonstrate Experience In Your Field of Interest

Major sports organizations look for candidates for their undergraduate internship programs who have already demonstrated some kind of international experience in the desired field; you could have participated in an international sport event as an athlete or been involved in some way with the organization and management aspect of it.

Apply for participation in some international event as part of your undergraduate experience or even during your high school experience. That would certainly ratchet up your chances for application approval within an organization.

Demonstrate Excellent Language Skills

Major sports organizations and companies also would prefer that their interns have the desired language abilities which would help them contribute effectively.

Most sports organizations are multi-cultural and being fluent in another language can help positively differentiate you from the competiiton in top internships. Consider taking language classes to brush up on your skills before you apply for some internships.

Genuine Passion

You must demonstrate your passion and the love for the field. Energy, enthusiasm and passion are key words for getting any position, especially an internship when you have less tangible experiences on your resume.

This cannot be faked.

You may need to give concrete examples of how you have demonstrated this passion at various times of your academic life.

Do Your Research in Advance!

Opportunities for internships in known and lesser known companies are usually advertised in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Keep an eye out in advance for these advertisements so that you can apply with enough time and having done enough preparation. You will also get sufficient time to research the particular organizations before sending in your resume/application.

Choose the Organization Well

Different organizations provide different competitive benefits as part of their internship programs. Higher ranking programs often provide not only stipends during the entire duration of the internship, but also provide substantial housing allowance. Other organizations such as WorldEndeavours specialize in providing global internships for students.

These internships are limited and hence, highly sought after. You may need to make a trade off- whether you want to work in a reputed organization with lesser benefits (which may be awarded on a competitive basis) or with a lesser known organization with more benefits.

Active Studentship

Last and certainly not the least, you need to be mindful of the fact that you need to be an active student at your undergraduate program in the university. Internships are for the time period of your study at school and you will not be eligible once a significant time has elapsed after graduation.
By Brian Clapp | May 04, 2015
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