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Where Can You Make Money in the Sports Industry?

By iHire | December 06, 2021

Working in the sports industry comes with a particular shine. Many people watch sports, and when they hear someone at a social gathering say that they work in the field, their ears perk up. However, the exciting stories at parties cover up the notion that salaries in sports careers sometimes lag behind other professions. Jacob tackles this topic with his question for the WorkInSports Podcast:

“Hey Brian, I’ve listened for a long time, and one subtle theme that comes through from your guests and even you is how jobs in the sports industry don’t always start with very competitive salaries. Why is that, and what career paths in sports can make the most money?”

Jobs in the Sports Industry Are Competitive

The simple answer to the first question involves supply and demand economics. There are a lot of candidates competing for a limited number of jobs in the sports industry. As of this episode’s publishing date, there are over 24,000 job openings on WorkInSports. That number includes every type of job in the field: coaches, video editors, athletic trainers, and sales representatives, to name a few. However, there are far fewer opportunities compared to iHire career sites such as Nursing (398,000 jobs), Sales (260,000), and Marketing (51,000).

That supply and demand in the sports industry depress the starting salary as employers weed out who is committed to working in sports for the long haul. The Great Resignation is pushing back at employers’ mentality of an easily replaceable workforce, but dispensable employees are still a hurdle that sports industry candidates face getting started. It takes time and patience to push through that weeding-out process and reach a point where the salary catches up with the job duties.

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Moving the Salary Needle

There are ways to handle a low salary offer when searching for jobs in the sports industry. However, the best way to ensure you earn a fair salary is to make yourself irreplaceable in what you do. For example, sports marketers with a firm grasp of data analytics are valuable. Likewise, content creators who amass a large following on social media are sought after, too. Building the skills and qualities that make you an asset to a sports employer can boost your salary. Here's a video preview:

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