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Innovative Sports Career Paths Available Today

by: Chad Twaro
June 06, 2022

The sports industry is vast, and stating that you want to work in sports is far too broad of a goal given the number of different roles. For aspiring sports job seekers looking for the trends to follow when choosing their path, the new careers popping up due to technology and legislation have added even more possibilities. Rafeal reached out to the WorkInSports Podcast for some sports career advice on how to narrow his focus:

"Hey Brian, I'm what you'd call an early adopter. I like to have the newest phone and coolest tech as soon as it comes out. I feel the same way about my career, I want to work in sports, and I really like the idea of being on the cutting edge – what areas or ideas do you think I should pursue?"


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Trending Sports Career Paths

In the early 2000s, social media showed staying power and added another facet for teams and leagues to communicate with fans with positions such as digital media coordinator and social media specialist. It also shifted the job duties of marketing and communications managers to prioritize their company's digital presence to further their brand.

Another seismic shift in the sports industry started in 2018 when the Supreme Court legalized sports betting. That ruling created a boom in the sports betting industry as 30 states (plus Washington, D.C.) made sports betting legal in the ensuing four years. Several more are poised to follow in their steps, leading to an increase in available jobs to manage all facets of this surge in consumer interest.

If sports betting's rise in popularity wasn't enough, the NCAA made waves in June 2021 when it adopted a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) policy allowing college student-athletes to pursue sponsorships. This policy has dramatically increased the client base of sports agencies and even led to professional teams signing sponsorship deals with amateur athletes. Finding sponsorship opportunities for this emerging market of student-athletes requires firms that have invested in the NIL scene to add more staff.

Check out the full episode of the WorkInSports Podcast as VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp goes into more detail on the career opportunities available in sports betting and sponsorships, along with emerging career paths in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and fitness technology. Subscribe to the WorkInSports Podcast for more career advice, and check out additional content on our YouTube channel.


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