Transforming Data into Revenue with SSB’s Steve Hank

By iHire | February 02, 2022

Every industry has to make money. It sounds obvious, but because of the prestige of working in sports, it is easy to forget that real time, effort, and strategy are essential to generating revenue. While selling tickets, signing television deals, and obtaining sponsors remain a key component of bringing in money, especially at the professional and collegiate levels, the methods of creating revenue streams have diversified dramatically over the last few years. The WorkInSports Podcast has touched on a few of these new financial opportunities:

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How to Make Money in the Sports Industry

Our guest for this episode of the WorkInSports Podcast is SSB’s Steve Hank, who serves as the company’s Executive VP/Chief Commercial Officer. SSB provides insights designed to “maximize business performance and empower clients with transformative knowledge.” The company’s client base is an impressive list that includes sports leagues like the NFL, NHL, and SEC, professional franchises such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Anaheim Ducks, and Washington Wizards, and universities like the University of Georgia, University of Maryland, and University of Mississippi.

Hank spent over 14 years in college athletics, with 12 years as Arizona State University’s Associate Athletic Director and two as the University of Texas’ Chief Revenue Officer/Sr. Associate AD. He helped strategize new ways for those athletic departments to maximize revenue. He joins VP of Content and Engaged Learning Brian Clapp to discuss:

  • SSB’s business model and priorities
  • What drove him towards data analytics to improve revenue
  • The impact of technology on SSB’s data collection

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